It's been a while ...

...since I posted an update here. 
The best excuse I can come up with, is actually a very good one:

 "Soon you will find a brand new creative webshop on"

I 've been a passionate graphic designer, illustrator and photographer since 2004. A beloved wife since 2007. Proud mom of Mister know-it-all since 2009 & Miss big-eyes since 2011. After graduating I founded a designstudio called  LKE 's studio  for art direction and creative communication. But somehow I felt left with a hunger to ... something I couldn't quite name it. Until one day both my darlings awakened my pleasure to create manually, to craft again. I think it was Mister know-it-all, who stumbled up in my studio one day and promptly asked me (working behind my computer with the cleanest desktop ever): "Mom, can you make me a parking lot and a small city for my cars?" "Cause I' can't and I know you can help me." "Sure", I said, and so with a bit of paper, pencils, paint and glue we fixed his needs in an hour or 2, as we also fixed a set of new jewelry for Miss big eyes, and a 2 dolls-bedroom with kitchenette. "You see", Mister know-it-all said, "we can create about anything we want mommy, from scratch or zero!" "True", I said, "the things you design and create yourself mostly bring along more satisfaction than anything else." "It' s exciting to try, it's fun to do and it's fulfilling to succeed, not even to mention how wonderful it is to play with afterwards". As I heard myself that instant, I knew immediately ... ever since I graduated, I lost that "touch", I stopped "exploring", I lost my "atelier". 
I am still that artist, which means I live in a fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. I need to take my pleasure seriously, otherwise the what-if's and the should-have's will eat my brain out in time. So I guess I'm ready now to dare, to dive in and fall flat on my face, to do something that might not work. I am ready now to get my crafts back on, to design and create manually, with both hands, not being afraid they might get dirty and I might lose several hours a night working my ass of. And so ... I decided to open  LKE 's atelier  aside: a creative webshop where I will offer you a variety of handmade products with a graphic touch and a strong focus on illustrational talent.

Thank you Mister know-it-all and Miss big-eyes, my loved-ones, you darlings make me believe ... over & over again.