Proud to announce a new project called #HASHTAGS.

We wil be creating posters on a regular basis hashtagging everything that matters to the (h)art. They are numbered, and manually signed by Lke's Studio & Atelier. All designs are for sale at www.Lke.be/shop.

This is no 1. "Song for Zula" by #phosphorescent.
"See honey, I saw love, you see, it came to me. It put its face up to my face so I could see." 

In Lke's webshop: BOOKS: Jef Van Oevelen

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Social content in architecture

Format: 24,5 cm x 24,5 cm or 9.5 in x 9.5 in
Type: hard cover + 200 illustrations
Language: English / Dutch
ISBN: 978-90-5856-490-0

Architect Jef Van Oevelen (°1955) studeerde in 1979 af aan het toenmalig Nationaal Hoger Instituut voor Bouwkunst en Stedebouw (Antwerpen). Zijn stage en samenwerking met de (bijna) legendarische Antwerpse avant-garde architect Georges Baines was tekenend voor zijn visie en filosofie. Voor Jef van Oevelen gaat architectuur om veel meer dan het oplossen van een bouwkundige puzzel. Het gaat om het materialiseren van doelstellingen en waarden binnen een historische, culturele, sociologische, politieke en economische realiteit. Alleen door haar juist te contextualiseren en door een oprecht en authentiek materiaalgebruik kan men tot een eerlijke en respectvolle architectuur komen. Vanuit die principes werkt hij sinds 1987 met zijn eigen bureau aan een persoonlijk oeuvre, met kleine verbouwingen en een groot aantal privé woningen. Deelnames aan verschillende wedstrijden zorgden daarnaast voor onderzoek, inzicht en vertrouwdheid met grootschaliger projecten. Dit resulteert vandaag in opdrachten zoals scholen, bedrijfsgebouwen, bibliotheken, cultuurcentra en vooral (sociale) woningprojecten.
Prijs €50 inclusief 6% btw exclusief verzendingskosten.

For Belgian architect Jef Van Oevelen (b. 1955) architecture is more than merely solving a technical puzzle or playing with volumes. Architecture is about materializing goals and values within a historical, sociological, political and economic reality. His internship and co-operation with the legendary Antwerp avant-garde architect Georges Baines was pivotal in the development of this vision and philosophy. Only by contextualizing architecture correctly and by respecting materials, people, possibilities and boundaries one can achieve authenticity and sincerity. From these principles, he has been working since 1987. Next to designing smaller projects and renovating private houses, participation in various competitions also made him familiar with large-scale projects. Something that has already resulted in contracts for schools, office buildings, libraries, cultural institutions and above all many public and social housing projects.

It's been a while ...

...since I posted an update here. 
The best excuse I can come up with, is actually a very good one:

 "Soon you will find a brand new creative webshop on   www.Lke.be/shop."

I 've been a passionate graphic designer, illustrator and photographer since 2004. A beloved wife since 2007. Proud mom of Mister know-it-all since 2009 & Miss big-eyes since 2011. After graduating I founded a designstudio called  LKE 's studio  for art direction and creative communication. But somehow I felt left with a hunger to ... something I couldn't quite name it. Until one day both my darlings awakened my pleasure to create manually, to craft again. I think it was Mister know-it-all, who stumbled up in my studio one day and promptly asked me (working behind my computer with the cleanest desktop ever): "Mom, can you make me a parking lot and a small city for my cars?" "Cause I' can't and I know you can help me." "Sure", I said, and so with a bit of paper, pencils, paint and glue we fixed his needs in an hour or 2, as we also fixed a set of new jewelry for Miss big eyes, and a 2 dolls-bedroom with kitchenette. "You see", Mister know-it-all said, "we can create about anything we want mommy, from scratch or zero!" "True", I said, "the things you design and create yourself mostly bring along more satisfaction than anything else." "It' s exciting to try, it's fun to do and it's fulfilling to succeed, not even to mention how wonderful it is to play with afterwards". As I heard myself that instant, I knew immediately ... ever since I graduated, I lost that "touch", I stopped "exploring", I lost my "atelier". 
I am still that artist, which means I live in a fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. I need to take my pleasure seriously, otherwise the what-if's and the should-have's will eat my brain out in time. So I guess I'm ready now to dare, to dive in and fall flat on my face, to do something that might not work. I am ready now to get my crafts back on, to design and create manually, with both hands, not being afraid they might get dirty and I might lose several hours a night working my ass of. And so ... I decided to open  LKE 's atelier  aside: a creative webshop where I will offer you a variety of handmade products with a graphic touch and a strong focus on illustrational talent.

Thank you Mister know-it-all and Miss big-eyes, my loved-ones, you darlings make me believe ... over & over again.